Once Bitten... by rovernut

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Daughter and her husband and baby set off for Essex last night as they do most weeks. After driving about five miles on the M62 near Eccles they get a "coolant message". This is followed by another message saying something like message cancelled. Nevertheless they exit at the next junction and decide to return home. It was a foul night with snow forecast. The car is known to flag up weird messages and when the next one states "4 wheel drive malfunction" they think the message centre has gone faulty again. When they arrive home the car is not sounding too clever but then quote... "smoke comes from bonnet" so they switch off and take their other car to Essex arriving around midnight.

I am then asked to be available for the car to be transported to the local agent by the RAC.

The rescue man opens the bonnet and pokes around and sees some evidence of antifreeze splashing.
He said he would not dare to start it up after hearing the story!

He then spotted the cause or part of it.....

Two heater tubes near the bulkhead were bitten right through and elsewhere in the engine compartment various wires had had their insulation stripped by some sort of rodent type.

It could be a toss up which will cost most to repair - the wiring or the possible damage to the engine.

So glad I have a K Series.

The car? Panamera V8


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Sounds like the sale of an arm or leg may be in order Chris. A bummer. :(

Posted 21 Jan 2013, 23:19 #2 

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Sounds painful!
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