Obviously a builder by Raistlin

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There I was, in Wickes, dressed in shorts and steel toecapped boots while it was raining outside, arms full of vapour barrier, plasterboard screws, dry-wall pattress boxes etc.

I was looking at their flat twin and earth cable and when I saw the price, I was so surprised that I said, "yer 'avin' a ***in' giraffe"

At that moment, a woman who was standing close by started asking me for advice regarding plasterboard wall plugs. I must have appeared somewhat bewildered because she said "Well I thought you'd be the man to ask as you're obviously a builder"

So - was it the attire, the stuff I was carrying... or was it the comment which gave it away? :lol:

Oh, the reason for my comment regarding the price of cable? Wickes wanted a total of £42 for the cable I needed. When I got home I bought the lot on fleabay for £9.40 including delivery.

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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Bermudan 75
I think had it been winter and you were dressed like that you would have been taken to be the postman :lol:

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I'm partway through a building project. And get cross with the huge variations in prices quoted, the neglect to include VAT in quoted prices and the range of 'discounts' available.If you give everyone 70% off as one supplier suggested - dont tell me it's £100 but you get it for £30. Just tell me it's £30 or £36 with VAT.These firms jingle must be " MUG, it's got our name on it"

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raistlin wrote:There I was, in Wickes, dressed in shorts and steel toe-capped boots.

Why does the tune YMCA keep going round in my head? :gmc:

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It must have been obvious you were a builder when she saw this...


:D :D

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Oh No. It's the crack in the fabric of time............... Shock Horror!

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Borg Warner
Currently have the plans for the extension to Borg Warner Tower's with a couple of builders. Asked the first one how long would it take? 8-10 weeks came the reply. This is for a modest 27m sq flat roof kitchen extension. I can see the noughts appearing on the quote. Kerching, kerching, kerching.

Second one said 4 weeks????

Can I send you a copy of the plans Paul????

Gary M.

Posted 15 Jun 2013, 20:21 #7