Not what I expected by Raistlin

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On the motorway thos morning, I noticed a car some distance ahead suddenly erupt in flames and smoke.

By the time I got there, several cars had stopped, as did I, and four of us used our fire extinguishers and hopefully managed to smother the fire under the car's bonnet.

The car's driver, a woman of about forty, came to the front of the car when the fire seemed extinguished and said:-

"Don't think I'm f&%^ing paying you for those fire extinguishers. I didn't f&%$ing ask you to to use them."

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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Posted 28 Mar 2018, 20:47 #1 

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Never let a good deed go unpunished! :-o :lol:

Posted 28 Mar 2018, 21:16 #2