My Stepdad has Cancer :( by carlpenn

We have had the unpleasant news this week, that my Step-Dad has colonic Cancer.

John, My Step-Dad, has never been ill all his life, I have no recollection of him ever taking a Paracetomol for a simple Headache!!

Growing up, We had our issues, typical Teenage Kid Vs Authority stuff, But as I grew older and ironically became a Stepparent myself, I found respect for him in many ways.

John however, has his typical "Old School" attitude, which I find somewhat admirable in any Person. The Hospital have told him that he has had the Growth for a long time, yet, throughout this time he has never complained of being ill, or as he says himself felt ill.

So, yes, he has taken the sensible steps, just in case, organising Funeral details and such (Much to my Mothers heartache). My Family learned the hard way in 2010 that you can never be too prepared, at the loss of my Younger Brother to a sudden Heart attack at the too young age of 37.

John is in his 70's now and in all honesty, could run rings around me and my Wife His love for Gardening won him the Local Councils "Garden of the Year" award a few years back.

My Heart and Head are at loggerheads in all this, because I know in my Head how serious Cancer is, not just that, but Surgery at this age too. Though Surgery at any age is a risk. Yet in my Heart, I know, and have told him, he is a tough old Boot, he Served in the RAF, in the 50's, served in Cyprus amongst a few other places.

One thing I remember of his RAF days, is that he got very drunk one night with a serving Buddy, they fell asleep on the Beach, to which they where both awoken next Morning by Gunshots - Apparently they had fallen asleep on the Beach below the Base's Firing range!!!

I had to laugh when, after being given a Date for removing the Tumour, his main concern (and I kid you not) was that it interfered with his Seasonal planting in the Garden !!!!
He was very annoyed that he will not be allowed to do any Gardening for 10 Weeks (Or any other 'Heavy' activity

I know some of this may have sounded defeatist, but I don't doubt his strength in pulling through.

I just needed to waffle, to get things out of my head.

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Posted 09 Apr 2013, 23:52 #1 

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Sorry to hear the bad news.

Posted 10 Apr 2013, 05:59 #2 

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Stay strong and hope for a positive outcome, is all I can say in these circumstances. As he is otherwise fit and healthy he stands a good chance.

Posted 10 Apr 2013, 09:00 #3 

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Remain resolute for whatever will be will be. The old chap sounds like a fighter, give him ammunition by never stop telling him you love him.

Posted 10 Apr 2013, 11:21 #4 

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look on the bright side , he has had this for along time , and never felt ill , they will remove , and he could live another 20 years..

Posted 10 Apr 2013, 19:01 #5 

Thanks for the Kind Messages Chaps. We are now just waiting for his Operation on the 30th April. He has a few app'ts this coming week, standard checks and so forth, Blood test and to see if he is well enough to have the Op.

Fingers Crossed :)

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Posted 20 Apr 2013, 20:18 #6 

Just thought I would give an Update to this.

John had his operation today. All went well, John is in great Spirits and my Mother was somewhat surprised at how well he appears, though that maybe the Morphine :p

I forgot to ask my Mother which Hospital he is in (Yh I know, thats really bad lol) but a Big mention has to be made to the Caring, Professional manner and support from the NHS Staff involved and moreso to the Macmillan Cancer People whom where there with their support.

Still a way to go before full recovery, but all is good :)

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Posted 30 Apr 2013, 21:51 #7 

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I have only just picked up on this. It is good news that John has come through his operation and that Macmillan will be there when he is ready to go home. They will help with his care at home, liasing with John's GP for medication and any other services he needs. Take each day as it comes.

Posted 01 May 2013, 11:49 #8