My poor old mother tongue. by raistlin

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I know that language is constantly evolving. I know that more so than I might otherwise because I teach Saudi students, and they have a real problem with the pace of change.

I accept that language will change and, in fact, generally welcome the changes which show the language to be alive.

However, I resent and decry the "trendy", "stylish" corruption of the language by TV presenters :(

This morning I heard a presenter commenting upon Andy Murray's progress and, to finish, she might have said something like "We'll keep you informed of his progress throughout the day".

What she actually said was, "We'll keep you across Murray throughout the day".

Apart from the implied, and somewhat repulsive suggestion of an intimate and enforced contact with Murray ;), the misuse of the word across appears blatant, deliberate and misleading.

This is not evolution. This is, in my view, corruption.

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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Posted 18 Apr 2013, 18:16 #1 

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Bermudan 75
It is the lazy use of English by broadcasters copied from those who do not know better, celebrity culture cretins. IMHO. :roll:

Posted 18 Apr 2013, 18:41 #2 

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I Think I may have mentioned this before but....
TV presenters and politicians keep on using mispronounced Decade (DECK-AID) 10 years, and (DECAYED) Rotted all the time. The other one is Subsided and subsidised. Really gets me shouting at the set!

Posted 19 Apr 2013, 10:36 #3 

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Bermudan 75
A reporter covering the arrest of the Boston bombers reported that, "...he was bleeding blood..."

Heaven help us...



Posted 21 Apr 2013, 17:47 #4