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Merry Christmas everyone! :tree:

Posted 25 Dec 2013, 08:10 #21 

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Happy Christmas to one and all!

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Hope it was all good for you all ..... :bauble:

Just recovering from all the family visiting :panic: :clap: :nurse: :bed: :lol:
Got one for Me , Then one for her, and now a big one for me again, All BLOO! Well saves on the touch up paint, Now Number one son's Spoilt it all by getting a Firefrost 1.8T

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Bermudan 75
Went down to my mother's in Conwy and she took us out for Christmas lunch as she feels that at 82 she should have a rest on Christmas Day. We went to an establishment down the Conwy Valley that has a reputation for good food. Their reputation was maintained, however 2 large family groups turned up with kids not kept on a leash and the parents dressed in jeans, trainers and t-shirts. Mobile phones were in constant use..... we moved to the lounge.

Our family group were smartly dressed, as was everyone else after all Christmas is but once a year. I have known the owner of the restaurant for several years and I thanked him and his staff for giving up his Christmas to serve us with our lunch. He apologised for the scruffs and made a comment about falling standards and respect for others.



Posted 31 Dec 2013, 18:52 #24 

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Borg Warner
Merry Christmas

Gary and Sandra

Posted 24 Dec 2015, 14:02 #26