Margaret Thatcher RIP by Dave Goody

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Dave Goody
I know this could be divisive and I am not a dyed in the wool Conservative but I think we have lost one of the greatest leaders that Great Britain ever had. I hate to think what the present lot will do if Argentina invades the Falklands again.

Posted 08 Apr 2013, 13:06 #1 

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"The Great Handbag" as she was known by Gene Hunt, was a master of her craft. I don't think you needed to agree with her politics to accept that she stood head and shoulders above the shower of **** we have now.

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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Posted 08 Apr 2013, 16:44 #2 

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Borg Warner
People at least knew where they stood with her, a very strong character indeed.

Gary M.

Posted 08 Apr 2013, 18:07 #3 

Though I don't agree with some of her ideas (best to leave it there),I do have to agree with Paul on this one.

Posted 08 Apr 2013, 18:25 #4 

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(Site Admin)
Pulled this country back from the brink. "Winter of discontent" and all that was destroying this country. I don't think any other politician had the guts to face down the unions. Plenty of stuff I didn't agree with but just who we needed at the time.

Posted 08 Apr 2013, 19:46 #5 

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The strongest leader in my time without doubt.Took on the union leaders that were not for the workers but their left wing ideals (Scargill turning up to pickett lines in a Rolls Royce while his followers and their families starved)
At least she made a decision as a voted in leader and stuck by those decisions unlike the limp wristed lot we have now.
Final note is that she was also a Mother, Grandmother and loved family member and whatever our thoughts on her professional life we should think of those grieving at this time and hope she rests in peace as we all wish whatever our rights or wrongs.
"Keep Smilin'"

Posted 08 Apr 2013, 20:12 #6 

How many times do we hear barrack room commentators moaning about it being time somebody did something, about ministers making ‘U’ turns, about giving up at the first signs of difficulty?

And then complaining about one who actually formed a plan, fought it through in the face of hostility (not only from the opposing political parties but from her own side as well) and did everything with the ultimate aim of what she saw as the national interest? And always from people who would never dream of, and frankly could not be bothered, running for office themselves. Plenty of people who gleefully point the gun but loath to pull the trigger.

Not all of us agree totally with what she tried to do and she failed on many things but nobody can doubt the national pride she felt or her courage. Then you look at the hollow, transparent apologies for men that have followed her….

Her detractors know nothing of politics, yet criticise all she did. They have no knowledge of political life and its compromises, that everything has an effect on everything else, and that sometimes decisions have to be made that are dreadful to contemplate. All in a days work. Cometh the hour……

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Dave Goody
I think Like Churchill she was the ideal person in the situation at the time, perhaps not the leader for this time, but the sort who you want on your side when the sh** hits the fan.

Posted 08 Apr 2013, 22:38 #8 

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yet again we will be paying the price, for laying her to rest...

Posted 09 Apr 2013, 15:46 #9