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Each of these documents is attributed to the original author. If the author objects to their use on this forum, please let us know so that we can create a substitute and remove yours from the listing.

The Know How Guide database is now available. See Forum Know-How Guide database. viewforum.php?f=16 Those listed here have yet to be processed and included.
If you require one of the documents listed here prior to processing please choose the one you desire and PM me with it's title. I will then process it and add it to the Guide as a matter of urgency.

Raistlins projects:-
    See Forum Raistlins Projects viewforum.php?f=16


Chassis and running gear:-

Car Interior:-
    Auxilliary Power socket retrofit
    Electric seat knob fix
    Fire Extinguisher and Bracket to look OEM
    Footwell lights retrofit.pdf
    Front footwell leaks
    Interior lining and sunroof removal
    Memory Seats Self Test
    Mirror Repair and Door card Removal
    Real wood dash retrofit
    Rear blind Electric retrofit.pdf
    Rear Footwell Leaks
    Retrofit Driver side cup holder
    Fitting a real wood dash
    How to connect AUX Socket
    How to disassemble the rear cupholder.
    How to remove the interior lining & sunroof
    How to replace handbrake grip
    How to service Electric Sun Blind motor
    How to strip down front console
    Rear cupholder removal
    Rear parcel shelf dismantle and remove

Engine and Technical:-

    CDT Starting problems
    Diesel engine derivitives.pdf
    Diesel Oil change.pdf
    Dipped beam bulb change.pdf
    Fuel FIlter module FOC.pdf
    Headlamp adjustment.pdf
    How to bleed the clutch
    How to check the bolts securing steering pump pulley
    How To fit Cruise Control 1.8
    How To Improve remote control distance
    How to install a Kenlowe Fan
    how to install an alternative temperature gauge
    How to make a VIS (Variable Intake System) motor test box
    How to order replacement Keys via Lates
    How to protect your air con pipe from wear
    How to remove the engine undertray.pdf
    How To remove the wiper drive from a tourer rear screen
    How to Repair the Bonnet Switch.pdf
    How To replace exhaust back box
    How to Replace the Petrol Filter Element and O-ring Seals
    How To Reposition The Fan Control Box & Modification To Secure Oem Cooling Fan Resist
    How to reset the service indicator display.pdf
    How To Retrofit a Fuel Burning Heater (FBH (Fuel burning heater.))
    How to seal Vis Actuators
    How To set up a Synergy
    How to test and fault find the CDTi Fuel Burning Heater
    How to test High Speed Fan (DIESEL CDT/i) from Trinary Switch
    How To The CDTi Intake mods
    How To Upgrade existing KV6 3 speed fans
    How to vacuum fill your coolant
    Is Your Air-Conditioning Working?.pdf
    K series Oil change.pdf
    Parking distance control issues.pdf
    Service interval counter reset.pdf
    V8 Oil and filter change.pdf
    How I Fitted the Digital Temperature Gauge
    Reconnect bonnet cable to release lever

ICE and Navigation:-

    3 speed Fan Motor Brush replacement
    Diagnostic Mode - Updated, Clarified and Simplified
    DIY/Bargain GPS-based Tracker
    fitting free view in my conny
    fuel filter repair
    How I Fitted My Croft Door Finishers
    How not to forget a part number
    How to prepare for your trip abroad
    How To support the Car on Axle Stands
    How-To Retrofit the Autodimming rear-view mirror
    How-To..MDF speaker mounts
    ZT saloon sunroof drains

These items will not be available for download from the Know How Database. Contact an admin for access:-
    How to open locked boot
    Locked out of engine compartment, bonnet opening.
    IVOX Code Reset
    Radio code

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