Its a small world by Duncan

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I had some colleagues from one of our Chinese factories visiting today. I was showing them some software and equipment for a product that will be used in China as well as the UK. As part of this I was trying to explain what the buttons on the computer simulation meant: Key out, accessory, ignition and so on. Aft a few minutes trying, I thought I'd just take them to the car and show them, since my V6 was just outside.

Anyway, one of the guys sees my car and first thing he says is 'I've got one of those' meaning the Roewe 750 of course.

Posted 09 Jul 2015, 18:10 #1 

So a warm glow came across you and you took a great liking to the chap - a friend for life :)

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


Posted 09 Jul 2015, 20:55 #2