Is there some censorship going on by PaulT

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On the BBC Internet News now not a single mention of 'Andrew' but the lead on the online versions of the Mail, Telegraph, Times etc. Perhaps the DG fancies an honour.

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


Posted 05 Jan 2015, 08:48 #1 

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Borg Warner
Could be right, with all the celeb's apparently being accused last thing "one" wants is a senior Royal being implicated.

Gary M.

Posted 06 Jan 2015, 15:21 #2 

Might the reluctance of an embarrassed BBC be something to do with US law and no charges being made in that direction?
After all, no evidence in 'that' direction has yet been presented or considered and, if precedents (and sensibilities) are anything to go by, are unlikely to be in the future. Methinks Prudence has whispered in ears. Hopefully, not cloth ones.

Posted 06 Jan 2015, 16:52 #3