Is there a difference? by PaulT

Now is what Banksy does OK or is it graffiti - i.e. painting on buildings etc in the same way that others do who are then prosecuted?

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


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Whichever way you look at it, it's graffiti. It is after all, unrequested defacing of someone else's property. The fact that it commands a huge price on the 'Art' market is probably what makes it 'OK'. If he would like to mysteriously do a daub on my house he's more than welcome. The work has a certain appeal to it, much in the way of cartoonists and can be a critical comment on current affairs but I wonder if it is widely known how it is done?

As I understand it stencils are pre-prepared and used one after another to spray paint rapidly, unlike the Rolf Harris method (if that term dodges the filter on this august board).

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I would have thought, as suggested:

  • Unrequested = graffiti = not acceptable
  • Requested/commissioned = (probably) art = acceptable

Whether or not you like it I suppose it down to personal taste!

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