Is the US totally sick? by PaulT


That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


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The instructor almost deserved it thinking a nine year old would be able to handle the recoil. Poor girl will live with that for the rest of her life :(

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Why would a child of nine, a girl at that, want to be playing, because that IS what she was doing, with the favourite toy of the Mossad.

Why would a responsible parent allow such a thing to happen?

As for the dick-head who was supposedly in charge... there is a reason why British armed forces weapon instructors stand behind the student.

I also get the distinct impression that the so called instructor set the weapon to automatic in an attempt to get a reaction from the child. Well... he certainly got that.

No, I am not anti-firearms. I have a beautiful Anschutz 1403 bolt action competition rifle myself which is nearly as old as me and is in regular use.

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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On the basis that Americans usually tend to appear as hysterical children in most things, (I developed that definition entirely without malice or the benefit of a bad personal experience but as a result of a lengthy lifetime of being subjected to the bastardisation of my native tongue and constant exposure to unnecessary gore, violence, curious social mores and appalling language in films and TV) the incident, although tragic in the extreme, comes as no surprise. I confess to knowing no Americans personally and have only met any while on holiday. However, if they allow children to handle deadly weapons it only serves to confirm my highly prejudiced view.

As I understand this the child fired one round which the ‘trainer’ remarked as being “OK”. He then set the gun at full auto and gave it to the child to fire. As the gun fired, the recoil caught her by surprise. Anyone who has fired an automatic rifle or gun for the first time (in my early days with such tools it was either a Bren gun or the upward-and-around involuntary shift of aim of the Sten and the butt was unable to take two people side by side) will confirm it is just a bit surprising, even for an adult.

The child panicked and the natural reaction was to grip the weapon tightly to control it - forgetting her finger was squeezing the trigger – so the magazine emptied. I believe the child was inadequately trained. That’s even before you consider the question of arming a child.

Charlton Heston’s paraphrasing of ‘my cold dead hand’ is a bitter reminder of just how mad the NRA are. The child now has a lifetime of being remembered for the wrong things and will no doubt suffer extreme publicity affecting her wellbeing for a very long time. A double tragedy.

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