In Hindsight I should've by carlpenn

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In Hindsight I should've.........

Walked away :(

Had the Rover looked at over the weekend, regarding the rear O/S Knock it recieved.

Rather than the few "sssss" (Thats the usual sucking sound through the teeth people make) I got a straight response.

I am no good with Jargon, so basically, looking at the O/S and comparing it with the N/S, you can see a difference in the shape of the rear Quarterpanel, mostly at the wheel arch, where the panel has jutted outwards. This is due to the impact forcing the Q/Panel forwards by a good few millimetres, which is why my Bumper will not sit straight at the corner. Sadly when viewing the car, not being a pro, I thought the Bumper just needed taking off and realigning or something simple.

Again, not being a pro, I cannot see myself how this can happen, but I was shown the, now clear, difference. The Panel guy then explained that the adjoining panels will have possibly moved, twisted/bent or been damaged to match.

'Fed up' is an understatement.

I would say "On the bright side I got my Health" but I have a rampant Kidney Infection, so I ain't even got that right now lol !!!!!

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Borg Warner
Well Carl I'm a glass half full sort of bloke. First things first the Kidney infection will clear up just keep on taking the Amoxicilin. The 500's normally work for me.

Secondly the car can be straightend. Just a case of how much it'll cost. You obviousley liked when you saw it so stick with it.

Posted 04 Feb 2013, 23:50 #2