In Churchill's safe hands. by geesmith

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as Winston Churchill came out of the gents, an MP that was following him out remarked "at Eton we were taught to wash our hands after using the loo"
to which Churchill replied
"at Harrow we were taught not to piss on them"

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Dave Goody
He was great with words, a lady MP once said to him "Sir your drunk" and he said "and you are ugly, I will be sober in the morning" I'm sure somebody will tell me the ladies name shortly!

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I believe this is also true of what he said when Harold Wilson commented in the house that when he was a lad he had no boots to go to school in because his family was so poor. His remark was "The only reason the honorable member for Ormskirk went to school with no boots on, is because he was to big for them".

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