I wish my connection was... by Mad-Monkey

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this quick


Seems a bit slow today so just tried a quick test to see :)

Posted 15 Nov 2014, 16:39 #1 

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This is by far the best result I have ever seen here by a factor of 30%


I don't think that we will ever see a fibre service. When we first moved to the village we had a 2 digit telephone number with operator service only. Nice place to live though as long as you have a Land Rover for the winter as we have been cut off for up to 10 days.
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Posted 15 Nov 2014, 17:33 #2 

I have fibre at 76mb/s but my downloads were downloading at 500kb/s. Normally I do get the full speed so I checked on Speedtest only to find my speeds were suppose to be other-worldly lol!

Posted 15 Nov 2014, 18:56 #3