I've said it before... by Raistlin

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... and I make no apology for saying it again.

If you are charged with a serious motoring offence, PLEASE, consult a solicitor rather than rely upon information spouted by the many web-sites who purport to provide authoritative advice.

I know that in these economic times, and with Legal Aid now effectively restricted to a very few cases, it is tempting to "do it yourself" but doing so could cost you a lot, especially if you rely on some of the balderdash on these web-sites.

Yet again, I've seen a defendant make things so much worse for herself by following factually incorrect advice from such sources. I don't just mean the "How to get out of it" web-sites either. The case in point followed the defendant taking advice from a web-site which seemed, at first sight, to have established links, if not sponsorship from the government and the judiciary.

I have, in fact, seen the statement on the web-site concerned and have e-mailed them regarding my concerns. Without effect, it appears.

The defendant concerned has so far racked up several thousand pounds in Court expenses and is even yet asking leave to take the decisions of the Magistrates' Court and the Appeal Court to Judicial Review.

She hasn't a snowball's chance in hell and it is to be hoped that her barrister is able to convince her to stop flogging a dead horse.

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