I'm a little concerned... by Raistlin

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... about the capabilities of military engineer officers :(

I had a tutorial this morning for a tri-service group of post-grad engineer officers prior to them deciding upon their aircraft design assignments.

Bear in mind, we're talking about Master's degree level here not undergraduate level and that these chaps have been in command of technicians on operational duty for at least two years and are supposed to be having their academic ability beefed up prior to taking on senior engineer posts in the rank of Major - Lt/Cdr. - Sqn/Ldr. I decided to run briefly through the Navier-Stokes equations of fluid motion as a quick recap prior to allowing them to develop initial outlines for their assignments.

It doesn't much matter here what Navier-Stokes is. I use it for the sake of example. Suffice to say that a proposed 5 to 10 minute recap turned into a 4 hour re-teach practically from scratch on a subject that they should have mastered as undergraduates :(

Some of them were stumped by simultaneous equations I'd expect to tax A level students, not level 7 post-grads. Calculus seems to be beyond their comprehension.

Where are these chumps coming from? Whoever decided that they were capable of being classed as engineers?

Rant over... just beware if you ever have the option to travel in a military aircraft.

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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Bermudan 75
Well certainly not the VC10, the last one flew into Bruntingthorpe this afternoon..... :( Many many years ago I knew an engineer who was working on the Nimrod AWACS and he considered that the RAF Engineering Officers were numpties.....



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