How concrete is our jungle? by Zeb

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Posted 28 Jun 2012, 13:31 #1 

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I guessed 2% concrete before reading the whole article. Close but no cigar.

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I think ones perception is bound to depend upon the sort of area you come from / live in (Is this Basil stating the bleedin' obvious, I hear you ask . . .? ) but I have to admit I would have thought the percentage of concrete jungle would be much higher - aha! perhaps that the clue - it feels worse than it is because we tend to build upwards rather than outwards ??

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Wow. Small consolation for those unfortunate enough to live in a concrete jungle. Some I guess are there by choice, others have no alternative. What really gets on my wick are people who buy houses with beautiful gardens and beautiful trees who proceed to concrete the gardens and cut the tree's into totem poles. Grrrrrr.

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Borg Warner
Having recently moved from an overwhelmingly urban are, the West Mids, to a diametrically opposed rural area, East Anglia, I have to agree. Miles of open green space with the odd house, hamlet, village and town dotted about. I think what also makes us think the country is more concrete than greenery is the amount of street lighting and its associated pollution, suggesting that the countryside is less than it really is.

We have about a third of an acre of back garden, according to the neighbours our seller was tempted to sell to a developer who would have built on it, how many I don't know, but it would apparently have made little difference in the grand scale of things but a huge difference to those who had to live with it.

A good read.

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