Hip Replacements by Borg Warner (Page 2 of 2)

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(Site Admin)
All the best, keeping fingers crossed all goes well for you.

Posted 09 Dec 2012, 11:06 #21 

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Borg Warner
Cheers guys

Back soon

Posted 09 Dec 2012, 16:24 #22 

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All the best, I wish you a quick recovery, I'm going to have my other (2nd) knee done in Jan/Feb.
Had first one done March 2009 when I was 56.

Posted 09 Dec 2012, 17:16 #23 

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Borg Warner
Thanks got an early start so hopefully they'll not keep me hanging on too long

Posted 09 Dec 2012, 22:19 #24 

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I had both hips replaced, the only prob is, I now have very limited movement in both, but mine were both damaged when I came off a M/bike 40 years earlier (front tyre blowout) and had pins and plates fitted both sides.

Ops done in 2000. Ist one I was out of hosp in 9 days, 2nd one out in 6 days but had to have some stitches redone as they pulled out..

The good news is they no longer give me any pain.. Yayy.. :)

I think they have done away with the old method of doing it through the side and leaving 10 inch scars, I think they do a sort of keyhole op now that is quicker, and does less damage, so recovery is faster. :)

Get well soon innit.. :)

Posted 12 Dec 2012, 17:41 #25 

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Borg Warner
Well they released me yesterday tea time so only in for 3 days or so. Still got the big scar though. Good news is they've lengthened the leg somewhat as it was always shorter than the right, seems very odd. Reckon around 12 weeks recovery though so may be off work sometime. Oh well.

Thanks for support chaps.

Posted 14 Dec 2012, 10:05 #26 

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Glad to hear your out and everything is going well so far, hope you have a easy recovery over the Christmas season.

Posted 14 Dec 2012, 11:58 #27