Have you found as you get older.... by PaulT

...that when logging in on line and it asks for year of birth that you are scrolling down through the years a long way, or if there are boxes that you need to enter you age range that it is either the last option or very near the last option.

Surely, as we get older and more doddery then they should be in the opposite order to save a few or the diminishing grey cells we have :)

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


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But then they don't use a lot of logic on these dropdowns. On Facebook for example, it starts at 2014 which implies that a baby could sign up! On the other hand, a baby can't sign up, as if the system thinks you are less than 13 it won't let you change the date (and in case you wonder why I've tried this, it's because our dogs have Facebook accounts - they have more friends than I do - and I can't put their real ages in!)

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