Gotcha! by raistlin

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I was driving home this afternoon and was stopped in lane one at the ring-road junction by red traffic lights.

There is a filter left at this junction but also controlled by lights, which were at red. The first car in the queue was a marked Police car.

Along came lycra lout, and with breathtaking hubris, forced his way past the near-side of the Police car and proceeded to cross the traffic lights still at red.

I imagine the Police officers thought so too, as they immediately pursued and stopped the lycra lout with their blues and twos going :)

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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Posted 27 Jan 2015, 18:55 #1 

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I thought you knew already, the law does not apply to persons of the Lycra persuasion.....

Posted 27 Jan 2015, 21:25 #2 

Dave Goody
I wouldn't mix with anyone wearing Lycra!

Posted 28 Jan 2015, 09:49 #3 

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Dave Goody wrote:I wouldn't mix with anyone wearing Lycra!

So you'd wear the lyrca but then change out of it before mixing? ;) (sorry!)

Posted 28 Jan 2015, 15:08 #4 

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Borg Warner
Just imagine the conversation:

Police Officer: "Is there a reason sir you crossed the lights on red?"

LL: "Don't you blokes have real criminals to catch?"

PO: "Yes, and you are one of them."

Gary M.

Posted 28 Jan 2015, 15:28 #5 

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What alarms me is apart from the undue care and attention, is the careless disregard for others. I sincerely hope that if it pulls out across the path of a oncoming vehicle in such a manner, it is not a motorcycle, or car with a mother and her kids, but one of these
that turns both him and his vehicle into a pancake before he kills someone other than himself. I would applaud his hubris that day.
If at first you don't succeed, hide the evidence.

Posted 01 Feb 2015, 11:10 #6