Failure to update your Photo driving licence..... by Zeb

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A couple of years ago , I mislaid my photo licence . so paid for a New one . then 3 months later I got the 10 year renewal notice .
Contacted DVLA to explain/remind them it had been replaced with az new photo 3 month b4, but the jobs worths wouldn't have it .. so I had to pay again for the same ? teewits!!
Got one for Me , Then one for her, and now a big one for me again, All BLOO! Well saves on the touch up paint, Now Number one son's Spoilt it all by getting a Firefrost 1.8T

Posted 29 May 2013, 13:50 #2 

Dave Goody
Thats why Ihave kept my old green paper one, it actually has holes in it now!

Posted 03 Jun 2013, 16:20 #3