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I was sitting in Appeal Court this afternoon.

A young man was caught speeding and didn't pay the fixed penalty of £60 and 3 points, instead choosing to take the advice of pepipoo, et al.

He was prosecuted in Magistrates' Court, eventually, for failing to provide details of the driver. However, his "extensive" research had failed to provide him with the information that such a charge carries a mandatory 6 penalty points.

He then went back to pepipoo, pointsrus.com etc. and decided to appeal the case.

To cut a tedious story short, instead of £60 and 3 points, he walked out of the Court this afternoon with 6 points... and fines and costs totalling a little over £1400.

My point being?

If you know somebody in a similar situation, perhaps point out to them that early professional advice could save them a fortune... OR, alternatively, if you did the deed, pay up and shut up.

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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Posted 18 May 2012, 15:08 #1 

Very apt Paul,a few weeks ago I was snapped at 36mph in a 30 limit.Owned up and we shall see what happens,according to the Met,its 10% plus 6mph and at their discretion a speed awarness course.Fingers crossed.....its easily done!!

Posted 18 May 2012, 17:00 #2 

Serves him right - if you speed take the consequences

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


Posted 18 May 2012, 17:13 #3 

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I've always worked on the basis that if I get pulled over etc, don't argue, be polite etc

You're far more likely to be dealt with, shall we say 'pragmatically', than you are if you get confrontational

Posted 18 May 2012, 22:29 #4 

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Unfortunately Ragman you can't be at all polite with an unexpected letter through the post.
My experience was to be charged with 34 in a 30 as clocked by an officer earning overtime with a hand held device that isn't accepted as accurate in other countries... whilst he hid behind a hedge with his motorcycle tucked out of sight in a side street.... as confirmed as common practice by a resident at a later date. The local 'lore' is that you are allowed 10% plus 2mph. Forget it!
When I queried the local 'office' about the equipment I was told that all of their hand held speed guns were tested regularly. Further research showed that the greater percentage of these 'guns' had out of date annual certificates.. one by more than two years! I did my duty and pointed this out to the relevant police company.

At the optional speed awareness farce we were informed that the speed limit is as shown and not one mile an hour more...at the discretion of the local police company. Presume some extra percentage of speed plus some extra mph at your possible peril! The guy holding the speed awareness course asked what the maximum permissible speed was in a 30 limit to avoid prosecution..his answer was 30mph.
The hand held speed gun motorcycle has now given way to a van with a window at the rear. It is marked as a police company vehicle ... but not at the rear. I now drive by speed cameras well under the signed limit.
Check Companies House to find the details of your local police company.

My 75 showing 30 on the clock came up as 26/27 on a digital sign near our house. My FIAT showing 30 on the clock shows 30 on the sign!!

My concern with the police being a collection of individual companies is that I haven't found a get out clause that excuses their directors from being legally required to make efforts to be in profit. Hopefully, I'm simply reading too much into that. I'm open to being educated further.

None of this excuses the person in Paul's first post for not accepting he had been chosen as a paying customer - particularly if he was trying to avoid prosecution by simply not remembering who was driving.

Posted 11 Jun 2012, 01:09 #5