Diesel 150.9p v 141.9p by PaulT

Just seen a local garage has priced its diesel at 150.9p. In a town a few miles away a garage had it for 141.9p today.

How can they justify the price?

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Posted 16 Mar 2012, 17:00 #1 

They don't need to justify it, thats why we pay so much :(

I have seen garages selling fuel up to 20p litre more than average purely due to location. I also recall back in Lancashire when there was Fuel shortages due to the blockades, a garage hiked up their prices by 50 Pence a Litre, needless to say People were not too happy at this show of greed and after the Blockades ended, they stopped buying their fuel there. The Petrol station closed down within a few months.

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Posted 16 Mar 2012, 18:03 #2