Crystal sets by PaulT

Just reading on the BBC News about the World Service and shortwave.

My mind went back to being a kid and making crystal sets. Used to wind the coils on Ajax tubs. For the aerial, clipping on to the copper telephone wires always gave phenomenal reception.

Oooh, there were also the Heathkit kits.....

Nostalgia time 'when I was a lad.....'

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


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That's a coincidence, only yesterday I found my first crystal set while having a mammoth clear-out.
I think I was about 8 or 9 years old when I made it with some guidance from my grandfather.

I haven't thrown it because I just could not do it. I'll get a photo of it when I repack the area.
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Never had a crystal set myself, started with a two geranium transistor kit from tandy. Components clipped into springs.

(yes, I know. It's on purpose and is meant to be humorous)

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I had two yoghurt pots and a 27 mile length of string - does that count?
Thought not ;)

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doh, wish I'd read your footnote Duncan....

...anyone need a couple of geraniums?

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