BMW 320 D PROBLEMS by monsterness

monsterness have a look at this for a BMW problem

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I have not read all the posts but someone has come up with the traction control causing this.

Perhaps not that many of our cars have traction control.

I am sure if it was a wide spread problem then there would have been postings on our forum.

Am I tempting fate but my car notched up 220k yesterday - and still goes very strongly.

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Mine has traction control and has done 136,000 and is still sweet touch wood just run in for a diesel

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Been discussed before IIRC, Dont think the 75 variant has the nasty flaps ;)
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Good i hate nasty flaps:)

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From what I read, the valves are for a VIS (Variable Intake System) system. The diesels don't have it, but the V6s do. There is a valve on the V6s for traction, built into the throttle body. I don't think the diesels have one of these either.

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Mines just done 72000 miles and the crank pulleys throwing a wobbly (probably literally) but everything else is ok touch wood. Must be a bmdubya thing

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check crank case oil seal and the bottom pully it leaaked on mine for ages till i found out where it was coming from and the oil had eaten away the main pully as the center of it is rubber and it will perish with the oil

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There's no signs of any oil leaking on mine though. But lets not forget that rubber perishes over time as well as mileage. The past 2 winters might have accelerated the ageing process of the rubber going from something like -18 up to the running temp of the engine is a big temperature change. Doesn't hide the fact the car is out of action till its fixed this week, push bike out again in the morning!

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