Attitude? by Raistlin

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Having a late start this morning, I found myself driving through local streets during the frenetic stampede which is misleadingly called "The school run"

I turned into a relatively narrow street following an ambulance (patient transport, not emergency), with a car in front of it and two cars following me.

The lead car came to a halt directly opposite where another yummy mummy had parked her car, completely blocking the road. Had the car pulled in on the same side as the other parked cars, there would have been room for vehicles to pass.

As it was, mummy jumps out, along with two little cherubs, and walks off up the road. The ambulance driver used his horn to let her know that there were other vehicles and got a single finger salute from yummy mummy, without her even turning her head, as she walked away.

Attitude? Downright ignorant sow I reckon.

So, we all had to reverse down the narrow street and find another way out. Not before the ambulance driver had taken a few photos and witness details, including me. Apparently, she came out with a vile stream of verbal abuse as well, but that was beyond my hearing.

Said ignorant sow is about to discover that making gestures and comments of that nature in public is a criminal offence under section 5 of the Public Order Act 1968 and that's before the traffic violations are taken into account.

Would I be prepared to give evidence in Court should it prove necessary? Hell yes :lol:

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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Posted 22 Sep 2016, 18:17 #1 

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(Site Admin)
Selfish, ignorant etc. etc.

Posted 22 Sep 2016, 19:31 #2 

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Obviously needs kicking into touch.

Posted 24 Sep 2016, 13:28 #3 

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Borg Warner
A good example of how respect for others by some people no longer exists. How standards have fallen eh?

Gary M.

Posted 26 Sep 2016, 04:48 #4