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I don't know if you are aware, but Royal Snail has introduced a "Tracked - No signature" service.

A colleague at work has fallen foul of this so called service in that a company sent him a woodworking router and it never arrived.

The company started a claim with RM to recover the cost, some £400 or so.

RM refused to accept responsibility by stating "The item was tracked to destination". Apparently, the fact that it wasn't signed for and that my colleague's CCTV shows no such delivery on the day in question, is irrelevant. RM refused to take any further action and as a result the company were unable to refund my colleague's outlay.

I know, for experience within the Justice system, that there are some thieving rogues in RM and that it is a magnet for such people. God knows I've sent enough of them away in my time.

This seems to me to be a thieves' charter to steal whatever they want with impunity and with their management supporting them all the way.

I appears that RM's attitude is:- The driver said he delivered it, enough said. If you want to be able to claim, pay extra for "signed for" delivery.

Mind you, having been involved in a claim for loss of a "Special Delivery" package, RM put so many obstacles in the claimant's way that only the most tenacious and bloody-minded would continue to pursue the claim to a successful conclusion. I AM tenacious and bloody-minded, as some of you will know :lol:

I have suggested that he should pursue RM through the Civil Courts but I doubt he has the finance or the stomach for a fight... which seems to be the way RM get away with their cavalier attitude.

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