Airport Air Freight by Mad-Monkey

Has anyone ever imported anything to an airport?

I have a large shipment coming by air and I stupidly thought I could simply pop in and collect after paying fees. However it seems I was very wrong! Anyone have any idea on the best method for getting the goods?

The shipment is coming into Birmingham Cargo Airport. Not sure when yet as it's not dispatched but will most likely be a week or two at the most.

Posted 12 Jul 2015, 15:42 #1 

Collection by an accredited courier?

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Posted 12 Jul 2015, 20:23 #2 

Tried to reply to this sp many times! Tapatalk just says my IP is constantly black listed!

Emailed several companies and not one returned any communication. Emailed the merchant who is shipping the goods and they're going to put me in touch with a representative. I have one option so it's better than nothing but a comparison would of been nice!

Maybe my shipment is too small for people to bother with?!

Posted 24 Jul 2015, 07:13 #3