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Gate Keeper
Last Sunday I had a lovely day out of London driving to Hampshire. It was the last day of the games so I avoided driving on the M25 and headed back into London via the A312. As soon as I caught sight of white smoke billowing out from beneath the bonnet I pulled over. It was 7:15 pm. Oil everywhere and spouting from somewhere near to the crankshaft. I called out AA and the guy arrived 2 and half hours later. Not an AA man but an agent/contractor. He said the car needed a flat bed and even though he was driving a flat he said it was not big enough.

I offered him my AA card and he went to tell me he could not give a monkeys if I was a member or not and that I should have called Green Flag as all of the regular AA guys do not work weekends and do not like call outs to the M4. A couple of hours later, another contractor came and he was nice as pie, although he must have had a really bad day as he looked like Noddy Holder from Slade and his breakfast was still on his beard. I was his last job and he did a good recovery to the garage. I am not having a rant but did feel the AA had not lived up to the usual standard. The problem with the car, was the c/case bung had disappeared and the breathing system was all blocked up.

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I was always an AA member for many years. I changed to RAC about 5 years ago as through use of these forums I was made aware that the AA did not do direct recovery i.e. relay recovery meant just that recovered in relays, not necessarily by AA operatives. Whereas AFAIK RAC does the whole job from start to finish.
I have not yet had need to call on the services of the RAC and only needed AA once in 1968 (wheel bearing seized on an Anglebox on the M1) . I just regard it as extra insurance and as a long standing member I get a considerable discount. I live in hope my luck will continue.
Hope your car is OK and no long term problem.

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Gate Keeper
I shall move over to RAC when my AA runs out in November. AA no longer do MOTs and I have found it harder to locate an independent garage for AA breakdown warranty work.

Posted 20 Aug 2012, 11:17 #3 

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Gate Keeper
I am near to Woodstock at the moment and heading to Stow in the Wold. No problems with the car. Thanks Mick :)

Posted 20 Aug 2012, 11:20 #4