A topical tale... by Raistlin

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... in view of the changed limits for excess alcohol in Scotland.

There was a man of 54 in front of my Bench yesterday on a charge of excess alcohol.

The charge was as the result of a targeted operation by the Police because the individual was said to spend £30 to £40, at least four nights per week, in the local pub.

Intoxilyser lowest reading was 101 - effectively 3 times the limit.

We had the usual tears about losing his job etc. and the proverbial comment about the "fact" that he drove more "responsibly" when he'd had "a few" and the prosecutor asked him why he didn't use public transport (particularly good in the area concerned) or taxis.

His reply was somewhat surprising:- "I can't afford it."

Hmm... I wish I could afford to spend £160 every week in the pub.

Oh... I forgot to add, he earned a living (until yesterday) as a taxi driver.

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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