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Sadly, domestic violence is still on the increase, fuelled, we are told, by an increasing sense of disenfranchisement with society.

We dealt with a case today. Slightly unusual but becoming less so.

The defendant was a petite, pretty woman aged 35 and she had been charged with a Section 18 assault, AKA GBH with intent. The gravity of the charge was such that it required immediate sending to the Crown Court but as you know, the prosecution has to convince the Magistrates that there is a case to answer.

It seems that she was late for work one morning owing to a punctured tyre which her husband was in the process of sorting out by changing the wheel with the spare. The defendant thought he'd taken rather too long to complete the procedure and is alleged to have made her displeasure known by using the closed scissor jack to hit her husband on the side and back of his head. Apparently, the attack was witnessed by a passer-by who summoned an ambulance and the Police. When the Police arrived, the defendant was found to be in her kitchen, calmly drinking a cup of tea and chatting to somebody on the phone.

We were told of multiple previous call-outs to the address when the Police were confronted with evidence of violence to the husband although no prosecutions had even been brought.

The injured man was transported to hospital where a complete examination was undertaken, resulting in the following:-

Broken jaw, basal skull fracture and various other maxillofacial trauma. In addition he was found to have sustained no less than 68 instances of what were diagnosed as cigarette burns and multiple scratch marks all over his body. There was also evidence of extensive bruising in the area of his groin and lower back. He was said to be "comfortable" in hospital and would remain as an in patient for "some considerable time to come".

The case was sent to the Crown Court for the plea and case management hearing and the defendant was released on conditional bail.

In the words of William Congreve:-

"Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned,"

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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