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So the EU has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize with its £1,000,000 plus cash award. And the award is getting the somewhat expected considerable amount of criticism for it, although many would-be critics are reluctant to own up to having queasy moments and soften their attacks because of the munificence of the ideals involved.

Historically, some attacks on the awards have been notable objections, mainly stemming from a partisan persuasion against political recipients having questionable humanitarian credentials, or for being of opposing doctrines. Several recipients have histories of terrorism or insurrection (depending on the objector’s political stance).

It all becomes so much more ridiculous when it’s remembered that Per Alfred Nobel had so much responsibility for the invention and use of explosives, and was personally involved in developing (through others) manufacturing companies into arms suppliers.

Nobel’s prizes have several categories. Apart from this ’Peace’ award they are mainly for the arts and humanities and as such can be both objective and subjective, arousing heated debate - none of it of much consequence. But this award for ’Peace’ deserves some thought. The qualification for the award, usually for the person but in this case for a political body, is:
“for who has done the most, or the best, work for fraternity between nations for the abolition or reduction of standing armies…”
It is a matter of record that EU has made strenuous efforts, much of them in secret, and great strides, towards assembling EU armed forces and a EU federal police force.
It has also been mute on major injustices including massacres of civilian populations.
The EU is also demonstrably non-democratic by any measure. It is known to be conducting its business illegally in that it contravenes it’s own laws regarding completion and auditing of annual accounts (currently their own auditors have refused to sign off the accounts for 15 years because of obvious mismanagement and suspected corruption).

So, even a mildly critical observer may raise an eyebrow at this award to a corrupt and corrupting political entity rather than a deserving individual. And not necessarily in wonderment at just where the £1,000,000 will disappear to. I wonder if there is in the offing an application for membership from north-eastern Europe. Surely not, aren’t they independent?

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