Windscreen Washer Problems ? by Mick

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As posted by Colin_NI on the 75ZT Community Facebook page.

With the winter here it's time for one more piece of advice for a common problem of a blocked set of washer jets! A complete curse to say the least and guaranteed to effect you at the worst possible time.

For the sake of 20 minutes you can easily sort it out diy on your driveway.

Before you do anything, make sure your pump is working by turning your car ignition to stage 2 so the dash lights are on and the engine is not running. Then simple activate your washer jets and listen for the “whirr” of the motor. If you hear the motor noise then its most likely this solution, if not then you either need to check your pump or fuses / relays and also the connection to the pump as pictured below.

You can choose two ways of doing this, removing the front bumper or just jack the car up and peel back the wheel arch to get access to the entire unit which is on the driver’s side of the car.

This is a simpler approach needing only a few star head small screws removed which are obvious when you look inside the arch. I find for the sake of a dozen bolts and under tray screws just taking the bumper off is far quicker.

The 1st photo to the shows the unit with the bumper removed; cars with washer jet on lights have an additional high pressure pump on the empty gap which is clearly visible.

Its literally as simple as pulling out the main pump and quite often the small rubber filter will come out on the end of the pump.

This little rubber filter in the 2nd picture is the cause of your problems! Simply leaver it out with a screw driver and watch as the washer fluid pours out.

Top tight git tip, have a bucket handy to catch the fluid when you pull the pump out so you can refill it at no cost!

You can either just clean it out of the dirt / limescale that build up or simple option I recemmend just snip the end off doing away with the filter outright.

I personally remove the entire water container (two small black star head scrivots which twist out, then pull it slightly forward and down to remove entire unit), fill the kitchen sink with boiling water mixed in with strong lime scale remover and clean the entire unit, let it soak for half an hour and rinse out.

You will be amazed at the pond gunk / limescale that comes out of a seemingly clean washer bottle. Also again saves any future blockages.

Refit unit, refil with fluids, refit bumper or arch depending and voila, safer driving for everyone.



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done this on mine, a great tip
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