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I am starting to prepare my 1999 CDI for its MOT. While checking at the rear of the offside sill area I found a small loose rubber hose which appeared to have come away from a small round unit fixed to outside of the rear footwell. It is located only a few inches from the inner sill face and just forward of the offside lower main suspension arm. It is rusted beyond belief, although the input and output tubes and the electrical connection is intact. There does appear to be traces of fuel in the pipes. It is now U/S.
What is its function ? Is it still required or can the tubes be bridged ? It will have to be replaced if it is a fuctional item.
On checking the Rover info CD I eventually located a part that appears to fit its description. It is labelled as SENSOR - HEATED OXYGEN - RHD (HO2S) on page CO908

Anybody got any ideas or Info ?? I would appreciate some assistance

Thanks Jupiter ( Drummond )

Posted 24 Aug 2014, 08:13 #1 

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It sounds like the fuel pump for the fuel burning heater (FBH (Fuel burning heater.)).

Posted 24 Aug 2014, 08:39 #2 

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Thanks Duncan, I had not thought of that. That will allow me to do a few tests.

Cheers Drummond

Posted 24 Aug 2014, 11:46 #3 

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Well Duncan, it appears you are correct. I got a number off it ( eventually) and it says " Thomas Magnette 89372A diesel pump for fuel heaters. So now to try and get one. Thanks for your advice,

Posted 24 Aug 2014, 18:28 #4 

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New ones on E Bay Drummond but not cheap plus you may need a new bracket, used ones also appear from time to time

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fuel-Dosing-P ... 27e33612c5
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Posted 24 Aug 2014, 20:32 #5 

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Thanks Rob, Got one at our local scrap yard for £2.00 and it seems to work. Once cleaned up and painted it looks the part and fitted. Got other issues with TC warning light which I cannot get to go out. Will read your posts again and maybe come back on this.
Thanks again, Drummond

Posted 26 Aug 2014, 09:49 #6