web and email hosting recommendation please by Mike

My current host is closing on 18 June and I have to find pdq another host for my business website and email. does anyone have good experiences that they can recommend?



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Is it a big site or have a lot of traffic?

There are a number of network attached storage boxes around that can host websites and act as an email server.

May be an option if it's not a big task.

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Thanks for that. No it is a tiny site, and even when fully developed will be a matter of 10 or 12 pages total. am interested to hear more of the options you mention. The business email is my lifeline so up tiem is key.



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Who are you with now?

34sp have done fine for me and my two little forums for the past 6 years or so....

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Servage.net have had my business for the last several years without a hitch. :)

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I have a synology NAS box that has web server and email. The version I have is the DS209, which is a midrange. 2 discs for RAID. Does web hosting, photo hosting, FTP, and surveillence amongst other things.

I'm with BT Broadband so have a dynamic IP, but I use a dynamic DNS service to point to my IP address as it changes. My biggest problem is not the server, but the router which has a habit of falling over. I think I've only had server issues a couple of times in the almost a year I've had the box, which is on 24/7.

No expert on these things, but it does for me.

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I use IXWebhosting.com

They are cheap and very reliable

Unlimited space and traffic for $3.95 month.
Does this look familiar?

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