Wanted YIC 000140 LEAR Highline Radio Unit by Yorks Tommy

Yorks Tommy
I have a weather damaged unit on my 54 plate MGZT 190 and am looking to replace, serial number on box states ROVER YIC 000140 then under barcode 037254090 005920 03 LEAR HW:00/SW:01 AI:01 42131 Nennspennung 12v Made in Germany, does anyone have a spare or know anywhere I can obtain? Many thanks

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That's the TV tuner module not the radio. The radio is the other box on the right hand side of the spare wheel well. They can be had from ebay or breakers, but bear in mind that the TV bit won't work since digital changeover
http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MG-ZT-Rover-7 ... 1e77b3ecc8
for example

Posted 28 Feb 2013, 20:23 #2 

Yorks Tommy
Many thanks for that Duncan, not too bothered about tv as long as my sat nav, radio and cd autochanger can display once more.

Posted 28 Feb 2013, 23:28 #3 

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I am pretty sure that the Sat Nav will work without the TV tuner as it has its own output stage.
Duncan will put us right soon. :)

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Posted 02 Mar 2013, 19:08 #4 

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John, you are right as far as I know. But you need to bridge out the connections and I cant honestly tell you for sure, how.

Posted 02 Mar 2013, 19:26 #5 

Hi Yorks Tommy,

Are you still searching for that TV module? I have one which I recently removed from my 75 as I replaced it with a newer, hybrid BMW module to get digital TV.
Just let me know...

Posted 11 Mar 2013, 15:29 #6 

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Iirc If you connect the blue tv lead direct into the sat nav unit this bypasses the tv unit. I have seen a specific lead for this for sale but only once.

Posted 11 Mar 2013, 16:14 #7