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Goalkeeper, Immediate start.
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Mr F Capello :mrgreen: :gmc:

Seriously, hope he doesn't get substituted, it would haunt him forever
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Posted 12 Jun 2010, 19:25 #1 

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very funny ...... :lol: oh and 11 decent players... :lol:

Posted 12 Jun 2010, 20:13 #2 

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We scored too early :hissyfit:

I remember Rob Green dropping some right clangers when he played for Norwich, but things like that could happen to anyone.

Still early days :thumbsup:

Posted 12 Jun 2010, 20:44 #3 

As a ex Goalkeeper playing sunday morring I make some ---- ups but cant remerber any that bad.
all he had to do was get him body behide the ball, not to hard when the balls coming from that far out. but did make a good save to keep it at 1-1.

Posted 13 Jun 2010, 06:30 #4 

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Those balls do look very bouncy. Lot of teams seem to be struggling with the bounce. Has killed the use of the long bal, which some might say is not a bad thing.

Seemed to really bounce out of his gloves. Soft hands required?
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Posted 13 Jun 2010, 08:18 #5