Walnut Double Din Facias by Trebor

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I have heard from Simon today, he has designed the facia for the new double din as below, and is sending me one over this week, and he will include it as an option as part of his full kit.( it will be known as the " CAS Double Din facia "


I have also asked him what the cost of the fcaia is on its own for anyone who already has the kit but may just be changing the facia.

I will post up some pics when it gets here.

Another message from Simon for anyone who has the facia for the new Chinese Units;

" I'm not sure if anyone has noticed, but the small switch surrounds are fractionally wider at the top than the bottom. I pack them on the backing sheet in their correct position and the right way up. I know this is trivial and maybe not even noticed but wondered if you could just inform the members "

Simons attention to detail is first rate
Robs Pictures at :

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