Video module fan dead by Bolin

Hi all

My video module's fan doesn't work. No noise, I can see the fan through the holes in the casing and the blades don't move, and there is no change in noise when the sat nav boots up and shuts down.

The screen displays fine so it looks like just a dead fan.

Any ideas on what I should do in terms of fixing it?

Cheers all, Bolin.

Posted 29 Jun 2012, 22:54 #1 

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Did it used to work? There seems to be two versions, one of which the fan runs whenever the system is awake, the other doesn't. My old one didn't run, but never caused a problem so I assume it was temperature controlled. New one I've just fitted runs all the time.

Posted 30 Jun 2012, 13:24 #2 

Ah thanks Duncan, that's very useful to know. I retrofitted the nav system and haven't heard the fan at all at any stage.

The part number is the latest of the 3 listed on Rimmers, YIC000140 - fitted in 2004 to late Mk1 models onwards. So perhaps the fan only runs when needed - I'll have to keep an ear out on long trips.

I know that BMW video modules don't have a fan at all so perhaps it was found that having a constant fan was overkill :confused:

Posted 30 Jun 2012, 17:13 #3