Upgrading TV Tuner in an MGZT by wondermouse

Hi everyone!

I have (finally) purchased a widescreen TV tuner to upgrade the 4:3 unit I currently have. This will mean I finally get the full screen on the widescreen monitor!

BUT - can anyone tell me where to find the TV tuner module, and how best to access it? I understand that once I've found it, the swap-over should be simple, but where is the TV unit located?



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Hello, welcome to the forums :)

You should find the TV unit and radio tuner under the carpet in the spare wheel well of your cars boot. When it comes to swapping out the units you need to ensure your sat nav system is fully shut down prior to disconnecting anything (or even the cars battery) to prevent damaging any of the hardware. To do this, follow these instructions:- Open any doors plus boot/bonnet if you need access to these areas. Watch the little red LED (Light Emitting Diode) on the nav computer (which is located in the side of the boot space) until it extinguishes. Do not open or close any doors or press any keyfob or central lock buttons else you'll "wake" up the satnav again. Whilst the LED is extinguished the satnav system is shut down and it is safe to remove components or disconnect the cars main battery.

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As Simon says, it's in the spare wheel well. It should be obvious (as you have the replacement) that it's the one on the left hand side. Only the one bolt near the centreline of the car and it lifts out of the bracket.

There may be a plastic cover over the top of it. This is held in by four plastic clips that you pull out. Then there are two clips it hooks under at thae bottom of the wheel well. This cover is closest to you when you lift out the carpet, that is between you and the spare wheel, it's black, and partly follows the shape of the spare wheel.

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