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I was looking around eBay for a SatNav Drive - the one I won last week doesn't work :hissyfit: it's going back and I'm getting a full refund.

I cam across a guy selling the complete SatNav system from an E39 - including a trafficmaster module.

My question is can we add one of these BMW trafficmaster modules to the High Line Nav system? Was thinking instead of the behind the dash units that work through the IPK (Instrument pack (IPK from the German)).

Alternatively I believe SMC still have the units for behind the dash at £20. Has anyone any experience of these - are they a worthwhile addition?

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Posted 08 Jul 2010, 13:31 #1 

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One of my cars has the behind the dash type. Not perfect but for twenty quid is worth a go. You need the message centre pack, though. I have bought one to fit to my saloon, and will be fitting an on / off switch as I also have loline Nav on that car and you can't mix them.

regarding the BMW version, sorry haven't the foggiest.

Posted 08 Jul 2010, 19:24 #2