thermostat by morehen1

Hi my water temp only shows between 1/4 and 1/2 on dial when idle it goes up to 1/2 and then down again when moving again car is cdti auto,dont seem to be getting much mpg now 34 it used to be 38mpg on runs of about 30mls
I have a price for replacing the thermostat £250 inc vat, is this about right, said 2 1/2hrs labour this is not one which fits in the hose but the normal one in the housing ? morehen

Posted 13 Sep 2013, 20:01 #1 

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If the thermostat as failed open so engine is running cool you can add an inline thermostat in the top hose, this should take no longer than 40 minutes and cost you at the most £7, if you go the way of a alloy inline thremostat this is going to cost your in the reagion of £60 and again about 40 minutes of your time Arctic.

Posted 23 Sep 2013, 00:41 #2 

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The job is tricky so 2 1/2 hours doesn't sound too far fetched. The part seems to be £30 to £40 on ebay. The hard part is the hose clip on one of the pipes. OK if your pliers sty clipped on, a complete pig if they slip off.

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