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Over two years ago, I took a punt on a chap in Bulgaria and bought an adhesive Light Oak dash panel set. Not only did it arrive promptly, but it was superbly finished and they even made a 'custom' panel for my Dab Radio.

I was the first UK purchaser, although I didn't know it at the time.

I've since added Chrome light switch surrounds etc. all to the same high standards.

Back in the good old UK, I recently left my car with the local 'Ex' Rover dealer, who are really good people to deal with.

Only when I got home from collecting the car did I realise all was not present?

Some nice, altruistic, article of human detritus had decided to 'lift' the two horn surrounds from the steering wheel!

I contacted Simon in Bulgaria requesting replacement items.

No problem he said, and no charge as well - what a gentleman - what a world!

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Yes, Simon is definitely one of the 'good guys'.

There are still one or two around.

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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Simon is definitely a diamond geezer and nothing seems too much trouble for him to do, if only all customer service could be like this, maybe he drinks Carlsberg !

For anyone that may be waiting for anything from him he has just returned from holiday in the Black Sea, so maybe a few days behind
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Can I add my words on the quality of his stuff too?

I purchased a light oak kit from him, and a part walnut kit from Walnut Dash company at similar times. He wasn't doing walnut at the time, and they were doing a special offer. I had to chase and chase to get the walnut one, too, almost going to Paypal for a refund.

Anyway, the Oak is still looking great.

The Walnut from the other seller. Well, I removed the radio panel as it was such a rubbish fit, and the passenger window switch surround has delaminated all on it's own.

I already have a replacement fascia from Simon, and now need to purchase some replacement window surrounds.

Posted 06 Aug 2010, 19:18 #4