The complete Bullet Powerfolding door Mirror Kit. by Cowley_MOA

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This Kit consists of all you need to fit powerfolds to your 75 or ZT...

A Pair of Pre Project Drive 'Bullet shape' Powerfolding Door Mirrors
An early satin Powerfold Mirror Switch Pack
A Pair of complete Door looms with the Powerfold connectors.

The Mirrors have Trophy Blue covers on them; however they can be changed very easily to the colour of your choice if required.

The Powerfold switch pack is the early satin finish one (smooth), on later cars this was changed for a rough 'grained' one.

I have included a complete pair of door looms for easy fitting as all you will have to do is unplug your existing loom and plug this one in.

These are all rare items and are highly desirable. The Switch alone often fetches well in excess of £100.00!

£300.00 Including P&P
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