Thanks to Paul D for my new Toy by dattrike

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As of tomorrow this little beauty will be mine

Big thanks to Paul D for viewing it for me, giving it a thorough going over,
his seal of approval clinched the deal. He's even going to deliver it to my door for me.
Top man and a true Gent. :hail:

Posted 17 Oct 2013, 14:39 #1 

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Looks great and a decent price too. :-)

Posted 17 Oct 2013, 16:18 #2 

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That looks real nice David, looking forward to seeing it in the flesh !
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Posted 17 Oct 2013, 18:00 #3 

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You are going to get some respite for the knees now no more clutch pushing just straight forward crusiing for you now and well deserved, good luck with what seems to be a cracking car cheers Arctic

PS well done that man from Cov Mr D :thumbsup:

Posted 18 Oct 2013, 00:36 #4 

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Looks a good un' Dave. You will have to flash the lights a few times for me to recognize you.
"Keep Smilin'"

Posted 18 Oct 2013, 08:50 #5 

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(Site Admin)
All the very best with your new motor. Auto all the way.:)

Posted 18 Oct 2013, 10:21 #6 

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Arrived today :clap: :clap: well pleased with it.
Been to fill it up and it drove like a dream.
Can't thank Paul and Alan enough cheers lads.
Dave T

Posted 22 Oct 2013, 15:18 #7 

paul d

It's a pleasure mate.

You're one of lifes true gentlemen.

Hell of a lot of VERY GOOD car for not a lot of money.




Posted 22 Oct 2013, 16:11 #8