Takestock (Dave) by raistlin

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For those of you not yet aware, Dave (Takestock) is not a happy bear at the moment.

Laid up in bed with a severely bad back but soldiering on... or at least, Marina is :lol:

Get on the mend soon mate :)

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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Posted 29 Jun 2013, 08:07 #1 

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Yes, best wishes for a speedy recovery Dave.

Posted 29 Jun 2013, 08:25 #2 

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I believe the best cure for a bad back is plenty of undiluted single malt, internally applied.
"Keep Smilin'"

Posted 29 Jun 2013, 08:37 #3 

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(Site Admin)
Bad luck Dave, wish you a quick recovery.

Posted 29 Jun 2013, 08:43 #4 

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Bermudan 75
zojosc wrote:I believe the best cure for a bad back is plenty of undiluted single malt, internally applied.

From a large hip flask... :cheers: Hope you recover soon Dave, after all how is Marina going to get the drinks tent over to the nano :thumbsup:



Posted 29 Jun 2013, 08:43 #5 

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Sorry to hear this Dave, wont ask you how you got the bad back in the first place, but hope you are on the mend soon and take care
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Posted 29 Jun 2013, 08:50 #6 

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best wishes on your back ... never nice but hope you better soonest

Posted 29 Jun 2013, 09:22 #7 

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Thanks for letting is know Paul.
Get well soon Dave.

I suffer with a bad back buy it's never had me bed ridden "yet"

Take it easy and get plenty of rest there's no rushing theses things.

Posted 29 Jun 2013, 12:38 #8 

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Take it easy Dave, I hope it improves quickly..

Posted 29 Jun 2013, 16:35 #9 

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Borg Warner
Get well soon Dave.

Know only too well the pain.

Gary M.

Posted 29 Jun 2013, 17:13 #10 

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Dave, get well soon.

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Posted 29 Jun 2013, 21:18 #11 

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Here's hoping you a speedy recovery mate, as you know, quite familiar re the pain problems and high Morphine dosages.

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Posted 30 Jun 2013, 17:25 #12 

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Start my new job tomorrow, going to be interesting how I blag the fact I cannot drive yet
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Posted 30 Jun 2013, 17:52 #13 

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Feel for you mate , i have also had this , it aint fun crawling to the bathroom ...

Posted 01 Jul 2013, 19:58 #14