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Posted this on another forum, think some of you guys in those areas might be interested.

I know Christmas hasn't come and gone, but I am thinking of starting up a number of T4 (Testbook version 4.Computer Diagnostic System) open days next year, the plan is to run them from March to November on Sundays, around 40 sessions throughout the year. What I am think off is to create 8 centres throughout the south/south-East and East Anglia/Norfolk so each location will get access to a T4 around 5 times per year. T4 open days could be combined with club meetings which means that members will get two bites of the cherry, a T4 session and meeting other members.

The deal would be this, my time will be free and all I ask is a contribution to my fuel costs. I am working on the basis of an 8 hours session , 10 hours in the summer months with 45 minute slots so we are talking around 10-15 cars that can be accommodated, I propose a contribution of £10 irrespective of the distance travelled so that even members down in Somerset can benefit (although the distance is much further than say Kent, because of good motorway links it will probably be the same journey time so I intend to include it as part of this proposal). I am free all week so I intend to stay over for a few days when I come down to the West country, so I get an additional benefit as well.

The locations

This is my suggestion, a location somewhere within the black dots as this will give maximum coverage and members won't have too far to travel.

See attachment below

At present this is a consultation and if there is sufficient demand then I will start organising it. This scheme will give members in the south/south-East and the eastern counties access to around 600 T4 sessions.

It will be a booking service with timed slots so if you just want to turn up for a T4 session you know when your car will be examined, of course if the open day coincides with a meet then there will be other member around for a get together.

If members have any other suggestions then please contribute. One further possibility is to add a small number of additional Saturdays and extend coverage to the areas with the red spots, this will be subject to not infringing areas already cover by Phil-T4 and others, the aim is to provide additional facilities, not replace them.

Lastly any surplus cash generated from the £10 fuel cost will be put to other projects that will benefit members - I will be discussing these projects in a later thread.

It is a consultation and nothing is fixed, all I am trying to do is offer other members a service in parts of the country where there isn't one a present and to make best use of my time.

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Put me down on the list - Ashford in Kent

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