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I have the synergy2 with the extra lead with a temp sensor on the end ... :)

I have a Bosch MAF (Mass Air Flow Sensor) that seems to work as it should.. :) So the MAF is switched off on my unit.. :)

The question is, what range of tuner settings actually work under those conditions?

I tried setting 3 for a while, then went to setting 6, but it doesn't seem to be any different? :roll:

As yet, I haven't tried either setting 9 or 10 , in fact 6 is as high as I have been so far.. 8-)

Things I do know.. from 50 mph to 70 mph takes a fraction over 6 secs. Heavy acceleration from a standing start causes front wheel spin and not much else! :em: on a damp road the front wheels will spin in 2nd or 3rd if you "floor" it.. :em:

MPG is pretty constant at an ave of 32 mixed local driving, and ave of 42 mpg on longer M/way runs which include pretty constant speeds around the low 80.s ..
I know 70 is the speed limit, but as we all know, get out on an M/way, and weather and traffic permitting, most cars are doing around the 80 85 mph mark ..

I am not complaining here, I think my 75 performs well for a heavy saloon 2 litre CDTi auto. :) I'm just after more information... :)

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I'm afraid I do not know the specifics but what I do recall is that the Synergy's settings were divided up into 'regions'. These roughly equated to the following:

1 - 3 = Low, medium, high (respectively) boost, no MAF compensation
4 - 6 = Low, medium, high boost, medium MAF compensation
7 - 9 = Low, medium, high boost, full MAF compensation

I could be wrong though as I've not owned or used a Synergy but from what I have gleaned over the years I have come to that understanding of their operation. :geek:

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Ellow Bob. :) Thanks for the input.. :D

That is my understanding as well. But:-

Does anyone know what the settings are if the MAF is turned off?? :-| ...

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MrB wrote:Ellow Bob. :) Thanks for the input.. :D

That is my understanding as well. But:-

Does anyone know what the settings are if the MAF is turned off?? :-| ...

1, 4 & 7 give low boost
2, 5 & 8 give medium boost
& 3, 6 & 9 give high boost

So 6 should feel no different to 3 or 9 with the MAF section off.

The only difference is the level of MAF compensation.

10 is full boost, a higher level to the other 9. 10 also will only give Low MAF compensation, so as I understand it can't be used with a PB MAF as that needs Medium.

That is on my version of the Synergy 2, as I understand it the newest version is different, it has 1-5 and 6-10, not grouped into 3's with the big 10.
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Thank you MrB.. :)

Considering how many synergy2's are around, there still seems to be a lot of smoke and mirrors about them, I have yet to see a simple, easy to understand, set of information for any of the synergy models.. :confused:

The instructions I got with mine, didn't mention that if you set the maf on say low, but put the tuner up on what should be a med setting, the MAF compensation automatically moved up to med! :confused: ? If the MAF setting is dependent on the tuner setting, then basically that makes pre- setting the MAF a waste of time doesn't it?? :confused:

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There are 4 levels of tuning and 3 levels of MAF compensation as I see it.

1, 4 & 7 giving low tuning, 2, 5 & 8 Medium etc.

So how it is setup does make sense.

Russ set mine up and matched the tuning to my MAF, which was in spec (just), to the correct setting on my Synergy 2.

This way the air and fuel mix should be optimised. In my case the best setting was 3 (or 6 or 9) with the MAFAM section off.

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That's interesting, but nothing like what I believe to be the way the settings work? And nothing like the instructions for the model I have as I understand them? :confused:

However, we wont go into that as that would just complicate matters even more.. :confused:

What I feel we all need, is an up to date set of easily understandable instructions on the correct way to set the various Synergy models up.. :?

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It appears that the newer 2009/10 model is easier to understand so to avoid confusion for a new user I'm posting up the instruction label for the new Synergy 2 which I've taken from Ron's Tuning Diesels dot com site.

Basically 1 to 5 (in red) are for a Bosch Maf and settings 6 to 10 (in black) are the same but for use with a retro-fitted Pierberg Maf. The standard car in good tune with a healthy OEM Bosch MAF will normally only need settings 1 to 5.


There is also the alternative Synergy 2E version which doesn't increase BHP but does increase Torque which is shown below.



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Ellow Glynn. :)

Thanks for the info. :thumbsup:

Actually the synergy2 that I have looks like the one in your pics but, "A" the label is unreadable, and "B" the one I have has an extra wire at the end with a lil temp sensor on it. Originally I fixed that the bulkhead thinking it read the ambient air temp, but Keith at Ellesmere told me it was there to read the air intake temp, so he drilled a tiny hole in the intake pipe and we sealed it in there. (to the left of the MA.F when viewed from the front of the car). :)

Unfortunately the instructions I got with mine were eaten by my lil green dog, he eats pretty much everything I leave within his reach, and a lot of stuff that I don't! :mad1:

The dog should be white, but he's pale green at the moment coz he fell in a pond chasing a frog.. I will wash him later. -- :roll:

Lovely day here, bit of a chill in the air is all. All the same, it's nicer viewed through glass.. heh heh... :)

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Just when I thought I was getting my head around this Synergy2 settings conundrum, a green dog appears....... :nurse:

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Nothing is as it seems... innit.... lmho.. :D

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