Streaming BBC TV safely and legally! by Dave

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Gill had recorded "The Fall" Series 2 off the BBC, which I think was broadcast last November, and has been watching it over the last few days

Today she started watching episode 5 out of 6, and got about 20 minutes in, only to discover that the recording was not complete :( As it's been a while since it was on, it's no longer available on iPlayer, and thus she's unable to get to the end

Is there anywhere she can watch this online without breaking the law and/or risking computer viruses?

Thanks as always! :)

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There are legit places to get it such as Amazon Prime and you can get a 30 day free trial usually

Also available on DVD and plenty for sale on E Bay at good prices

It was a great series by the way I watched them all in real time
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Thanks both!

Probably going to run with a 30 day trial of Netflix (as we've had Prime recently so can't get another freebie for a while!)

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You have a PM on the subject Dave :)

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